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Alpha Grand Laveuse

Girls!  We’re being duped! So it’s no big newsflash anymore that society has given us some whacked out standards to live up to.  Fat shaming has become a hot topic and there’s been a widespread […]

Aug, 12

My womanbody

I had to buy a new bra.  I have four, one is dingy white and looks like it’s been worn nonstop for 5 years with underwire that feels like wrought iron.  Another is hot pink […]

Apr, 08

The jump to long-term

My fiance and I don’t spend much time apart, the precedent was set months ago when after our first 6 hours away from each other we found we  just couldn’t stand it. And it’s still […]

Mar, 21


I’ve been flipping out for months.  Actually as soon as I turned 29 I started freaking out.  My youth slipping away, yada yada. I started a zine to work through it but I didn’t finish […]

Feb, 24


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