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When your heart plummets…

This afternoon I got one of the calls that can absolutely terrify any parent- “Hi this is the daycare, Cary didn’t get on the bus after school…” You never know how you’ll react to that […]

Aug, 20

To my daughter on her fourth birthday

To my sweetheart, You’re four today. Four is quite an age- you’re discovering what it means to be you. Your mind is doing amazing things, the world is starting to come together as you learn […]

Feb, 14

Sock Monkeys and a Lesson in Mommyhood

This Christmas we did the a-few-big-gifts-instead-of-more-smaller-gifts thing with the kids.  Which, once the Wii was wrapped, we realized was a bad idea.  Totally unimpressive pile of gifts under the tree. In a panic Chuck ran […]

Feb, 03


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