The Alpha Blonde


My womanbody

I had to buy a new bra.  I have four, one is dingy white and looks like it’s been worn nonstop for 5 years with underwire that feels like wrought iron.  Another is hot pink […]

Apr, 08

The Alpha Blonde 3/26 with guest Aurora Lady

    Last week we had the pleasure of skyping with the effervescent Aurora Lady to talk about her new all-text coloring book, Life Lessons. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out her […]

Apr, 02

When the universe conspires against my good-night’s sleep and how I fight back.

I’m a stupid light sleeper.  It’s decidedly dumb how easy it is to wake me up and keep me up all night long, so I’ve had to develop some strategies to combat the multifaceted problem.  […]

Mar, 28

The jump to long-term

My fiance and I don’t spend much time apart, the precedent was set months ago when after our first 6 hours away from each other we found we  just couldn’t stand it. And it’s still […]

Mar, 21


I’ve been flipping out for months.  Actually as soon as I turned 29 I started freaking out.  My youth slipping away, yada yada. I started a zine to work through it but I didn’t finish […]

Feb, 24

To my daughter on her fourth birthday

To my sweetheart, You’re four today. Four is quite an age- you’re discovering what it means to be you. Your mind is doing amazing things, the world is starting to come together as you learn […]

Feb, 14


A few days ago I tweeted this: And I had a few requests for the recipe. So I ran through my brain to remember what I did. So here it is for you, in seven […]

Feb, 07


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