The Alpha Blonde

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Last year (2013) was a year of feeling a significant lack of control over the things happening in my world. My grandmother’s funeral was the first week of January and the feeling of being too […]

Dec, 10

The “S” Word

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m going to be getting pretty selfish by the time I reach the end of whatever I’m writing right now. Lots of scary things have happened in the […]

Jun, 14

Is it *really* rape?

To be honest, all of the focus on rape culture has been really uncomfortable for me because it reminds me of wounds I haven’t yet allowed to heal. I’m glad the conversation is finally happening […]

May, 29


I keep coming home with the intention to write. Or paint. Or collage. Anything would be great. And then after dinner is made and I’ve watched Simpsons and Big Bang Theory and Family Guy and […]

Apr, 21

How to ask a woman if she is pregnant.

Don’t. Don’t act cute and say “hmm” when a woman of childbearing age says she was up all night vomiting. Don’t try to pre-empt a big announcement. Don’t assume she’s a knucklehead with no knowledge […]

Feb, 24

The girl with the CSS dreams

I really like to learn new things, and I tend to go overboard.  Like when I wanted to know a few things about getting fit and I ended up becoming a certified personal trainer for […]

Jan, 22


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