The Alpha Blonde


Mollie’s Valley Children’s Hospital Story- Part One: Not too-many-hot dogs

It was the second to the last Monday before school was out, and Mollie was dressed and ready to go, perched on the arm of the sofa in the exact way we’ve told her not […]

Sep, 04

The first month

The first month slips by in such a strange way. So much time is spent just like this, pinned down in place by someone who doesn’t even weigh 8lbs. I know I’ve experienced a first-month […]

Oct, 26

How to ask a woman if she is pregnant.

Don’t. Don’t act cute and say “hmm” when a woman of childbearing age says she was up all night vomiting. Don’t try to pre-empt a big announcement. Don’t assume she’s a knucklehead with no knowledge […]

Feb, 24

Mariposa- what a rush.

I’ve been taking baths at night and reading to wind down and sleep better.  It helps a little, but the book time has been killer.  I’ve finished Heavy Hangs the Head by Taryn Hipp and […]

Oct, 30

When your heart plummets…

This afternoon I got one of the calls that can absolutely terrify any parent- “Hi this is the daycare, Cary didn’t get on the bus after school…” You never know how you’ll react to that […]

Aug, 20


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