The Alpha Blonde

Why Sick Days Freak Me Out.

I dread getting sick. I mean, no one gets stoked about catching a cold, but I really dread it. I pull out all of the mental games like, “Oh, I’m just run down.” and “It’s […]

Mar, 10

After a year

A year (and a day) ago I got the double-whammy of phone calls telling me that my gestational diabetes hadn’t quite disappeared the way it should have after delivery of Dot, and I was a […]

Dec, 13

Mollie’s Valley Children’s Hospital Story- Part One: Not too-many-hot dogs

It was the second to the last Monday before school was out, and Mollie was dressed and ready to go, perched on the arm of the sofa in the exact way we’ve told her not […]

Sep, 04

But how did you do it?

I’ve been asked a few times a day for the last few weeks about what I’ve been doing to lose weight, so I figured I’d share my big secret right here. But first, a little […]

Aug, 12

The weight of grieving

I’m down another 1.2 lbs, which is an even 15 in the last 6 weeks. It also ushers me out of baby-weight completely and puts me squarely in the middle of the range of pounds […]

Jan, 25

That tastes familiar

This winter I’ve been home enough to really cook and bake. In addition to trying new things (I just started using my Weight Watchers app to search recipes and found some killer shepherd’s pie and […]

Jan, 16

I haven’t the foggiest

Tule fog is one of my favorite things in the world. It blankets everything, it drops a curtain just at the edge of the driveway and suddenly I don’t have neighbors, just a solid wall […]

Jan, 14


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