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After a year

A year (and a day) ago I got the double-whammy of phone calls telling me that my gestational diabetes hadn’t quite disappeared the way it should have after delivery of Dot, and I was a big pasta dinner away from being back to diabetic again. The OBGYN’s office called first, and a nurse gave me the wrong information:

“So your hemoglobin A1C is way low so… ”


“Hold on, let me get the doctor.”

“Hi, Kimberly, your numbers are still really high. Too high. You’re prediabetic, on the threshold of diabetic.”

“But the nurse said…”

And then my super sweet RD, who had been my rock throughout the whole pregnancy, called to give me the news. She was much more sympathetic, but she also offered encouragement. She saw me keep my blood sugar in check through my husband’s stroke—I even effectively avoided buying cookies in the hospital cafeteria, despite how big and gooey they looked. She knew that if I could do that, I’d be able to avoid diabetes. It would just take a lot of work.

So I started in earnest that night. I’d been doing weight watchers half-heartedly since two wees after Dorothy’s birth, and had managed to gain 5 pounds in the process. I set my jaw and made some major changes.

So we fast forward. I’ve lost 50+ lbs. My pants went from a 16 to a 6. Sometimes I swim in medium dresses. (Only sometimes, though.) My A1c is fine, I’m no longer in danger of diabetes.

I also have fluctuated a bit. I’ve gained back some of what I’d lost after switching jobs. The winter is already a much more sedentary time, and I barely break 2,000 steps a day while at work. Quite a departure from my 12,000 per day step count. Bu so what, my metabolism has taken a hit, but it’s nothing I can’t recover from. The old me would have sighed and eaten a whole box of Chocolate Chex. The new me just took a handful, tracked it, and knows that once things stabilize again, I’ll reintroduce walking and fitness. It’s no big, and not worth giving up completely over.

That’s probably the most significant change I’ve noticed. I mean, sure, It’s cool that I can wear my grandma’s vintage dresses—so much polyester—but knowing that 10 pounds in two months won’t break me is a sign of personal growth (not just waistline growth). There was bound to be some sort of self-actualization coming from this process, and I think that may have been it.

And, now—a comparison.

Last year Mother and Son dance, and this year.


November 2014 with Cary.


November 2015 with Rebecca, my kids’ step mom, and Cary and Brennon.

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