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I haven’t the foggiest


Tule fog is one of my favorite things in the world. It blankets everything, it drops a curtain just at the edge of the driveway and suddenly I don’t have neighbors, just a solid wall of white. It’s one of those things that people from outside of the San Joaquin Valley just don’t get until they’ve experienced it. This isn’t some hanging-just-out-of-reach coastal fog, this is an in your face, can’t-see-the-car-in-front-of-you veil over everything.

In high school I was an amateur meteorologist every winter trying to predict whether the weather would give us a foggy day or not. I got surprisingly good at reading the conditions and knowing if we’d have a plan A foggy day schedule (2 hour delay) or the mother of all foggy day schedules, the Plan D (buses cancelled).

Even though we don’t get fog days as adults, the magic of the swirling mist is still there. Not saying I wanna go drive my silver, fog colored SUV around in it, but being able to enjoy it from my porch with a hot coffee in hand is pretty satisfying.

We don’t get much extreme weather in Fresno so I’m thinking that this was nature’s way of handing us a consolation prize for the lack of spectacular lightning displays, snowed-in blizzards, even California’s famous earthquakes somehow miss us. But we will always have the tule fog to remind us that we’re not just blinding, blistering sunshine and smog.

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