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An album a day…

We have a lot of records. There are some we’ve never even listened to, and after combining both of our collections there’s probably well over 365 albums

The problem is, we always listen to the same handful over and over again. You’d think Chuck only owned three albums the way he rotates through Kansas, Greg Kihn Band, and Meatloaf.
This year we’re going to challenge ourselves to break out of our comfort zones and listen to a different album a day. For me, this means I might have to retire The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” for just a bit to make time. Who knows, there may be greatness. The may be embarrassing selections. We may end up hearing Christmas music in August.
Every week or so I’ll try and update the blog with a digest of what we listened to, mainly to act as an inventory for myself.
This is one resolution that won’t totally suck my will to live!


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