The Alpha Blonde

The weight of grieving

I’m down another 1.2 lbs, which is an even 15 in the last 6 weeks. It also ushers me out of baby-weight completely and puts me squarely in the middle of the range of pounds […]

Jan, 25

That tastes familiar

This winter I’ve been home enough to really cook and bake. In addition to trying new things (I just started using my Weight Watchers app to search recipes and found some killer shepherd’s pie and […]

Jan, 16

I haven’t the foggiest

Tule fog is one of my favorite things in the world. It blankets everything, it drops a curtain just at the edge of the driveway and suddenly I don’t have neighbors, just a solid wall […]

Jan, 14


My friend Tomica came by when Dorothy was just a few weeks old and as we visited, she’d asked me “Are you planning on taking the 6 weeks Paid Family Leave?” My response was “Nope, […]

Jan, 09

#listenwiththeleonards Week One

Our first week is done! My favorite of the week’s choices was definitely Carole King.  Duh.  Least favorite goes to Pablo Cruise. It may make Chuck happy, but I was kind of bored with it […]

Jan, 07

An album a day…

We have a lot of records. There are some we’ve never even listened to, and after combining both of our collections there’s probably well over 365 albums . The problem is, we always listen to […]

Jan, 01

The new year

My husband was given the opportunity to emcee a local casino’s New Year’s Eve party, and because drunk people and gambling aren’t my thing these days, I opted to stay home and make pizza for […]

Jan, 01


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