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A few things

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First of all, we have a new(ish) kitten.  Peter Frampton is a very sweet and curious little baby who loves to purr, cuddle and spoon.  His next album will be “I’m in Mew.”

It’s been a long time since my last post.  I feel bad about this, but it’s been nutz, yo.

I blog a lot for work.  By the time it comes to getting home and blogging I’m all blogged out.  I don’t like that I’ve stopped blogging though.  It feels wrong.  I’ve stopped creating a lot of things.  All I really do now is knit.

I’m taking August to write a poem a day with prompts from the truly delightful Molly Fisk.  I’m hoping to spark something and get some creativity going again.  I haven’t really written a poem in ages, so this should be interesting, if not painful.

With that I’m going to try to blog at least weekly until I get into the habit of it again.  If you’re really missing my writing style, head on down to the Downtown Fresno Blog.  That’s where my voice usually resides.

Until next time, may your kittens be cuddly and may they try to nurse on the mole on your neck like you’re a momcat. Adieu.

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