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Sock Monkeys and a Lesson in Mommyhood


This Christmas we did the a-few-big-gifts-instead-of-more-smaller-gifts thing with the kids.  Which, once the Wii was wrapped, we realized was a bad idea.  Totally unimpressive pile of gifts under the tree. In a panic Chuck ran to Fallas Paredes to give the kids more stuff to open. I usually don’t condone just buying crap for the sake of buying crap but it was really sad.  A lonely little Christmas display.

I was slightly wary of the “My Own Sock Monkey” kit he grabbed for Mollie.  All it said to me was “You’re gonna end up hand sewing this dumb thing while Mollie wanders off, disinterested.”  I’ve done my best to shimmy the box to the bottom of the toy box, put it behind books and everything else, but after a month of avoiding opening the thing she finally wasn’t going to take no for an answer.


We opened the box and I cut the pieces out and got everything ready to roll.  She watched with rapt attention- and Mollie doesn’t give rapt attention to anything.  Her older brother Cary is the one with the ability to zoom in and concentrate indefinitely, Mollie usually has about 3.5 minutes of dedicated attention span. When I pulled the needle out and started threading it she asked several questions about what I was doing.  It hit me that she was ready for this project. Ages 6 and up be damned, my almost-four-year-old could totally handle this.


She figured out how to hold the needle and thread within a few stitches and she sewed the entire body, arms, legs, ears and tail of the thing before too long.  The whole time I was filled with pride and awe at my daughter, my little crafter. She was so excited to learn that she could take something and turn it into something else with her own hands.  She’s had that first satisfying taste of really creating something cool to be proud of and I think this could be huge.  And I learned not to underestimate my whip-smart baby girl or push projects to the side, even if I am exhausted. This was worth it.

We personalized it a bit, moving the bow tie from the neck as directed to the ear making her a girl monkey, and we found a few buttons in my stash to add to make her even cuter.  Mollie named her Bowie, but only after heavily weighing calling her “Izzy” and “Dance Class.”


What’s on deck for little miss craftypants?  Well, I’m thinking that she just might be able to handle her first latch-hook kit.

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  1. Candace
    February 3, 2013

    Latchhook would be perfect! Nothing is better than a fuzzy mini-rug with a rainbow on it. Oh, and her mug shots are ridiculously expressive and adorable! Keep having lots of fun ;)

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