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The first time.

IMG_1332I’ve spent a few days toying with what to write about in my first blog.  It’s a daunting task.  In theory it should be ground breaking.  This should catch attention, move mountains, find a cure for the common cold.

Unfortch, I have had so many ideas about what to do with this blank space that absolutely none of them have sounded like they were any good.

Like, talking about the one-sided bromance my cat Pokey has with my boyfriend Chuck.

The rain always starting to come down when I’m asleep, so I effectively miss the best storms and how this makes me angry.

My new year’s resolutions.  Yeah.  Those.  Way to be 24 days behind.

How I’ll be 30 years old in exactly one month.  What does that feel like?

Well, it feels like I’m 29, still but I just want to read ahead and start telling people I’m 30, I’m too stupidly honest to do this though.  Don’t trust anybody over. Maybe in February lies will come easier after I’ve crossed that untrustworthy threshold.

Not blogging for three months has thrown off my game.  It was so automatic.  I’d get a bad case of indigestion and it would be blogged with a tie in to how this is important in the bigger sense.  My worldly tummy ache. I didn’t do my resolutions for the first time in 10 years on a blog.  Sure they’re up on my wall and plain as shit to see but we all know that’s a poor substitute for complete candidness.

So here it is, the ice breaker.  The blog who’s only purpose is to just be the first and get it over with.  I’m sorry I let you down, coach.

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