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This article was written on 15 Sep 2010, and is filled under Chico, Debauchery, NoTown Roller Derby, travel.

Thoughts on Travel.

I spent the weekend in Chico. NOtown Roller Derby sent a team to go bout against Norcal Roller Girls, and well, it’s Northern California. My expectations were high.

But then, while wandering around the town, I couldn’t help but think to myself “Man, I love Fresno.”

Not saying Chico is a crap-hole. Quite the opposite, it’s nice. Quaint. Hippie-hipster kids hang out in the park and play bongos. The one homeless person I saw was laying down on a bench reading classic literature. There are like 5 bicycle shops within a mile of each other. This is a place that is pretty comfortable in it’s own awesomeness.

That may be partially why I was really missing Fresno, even if I was just there overnight. My BFFF and better half Guinness Wrecker made the comment; “The thing about Fresno that makes it more likeable than Chico is that it isn’t concerned with being a stereotype of itself.”

And it’s true. I felt not-eco/health conscious-enough, despite my TOMS shoes, when I wandered into the health food store. I felt not urbane enough when I ordered my fruit salad (yummy yummy) and Mexican mocha at the cafe. In Fresno you don’t need to wear hemp clothing to shop at whole foods and no need to carry your entitled snob card to buy an overpriced coffee drink. Guinness also feared we were maybe in Brigadoon instead of Chico.

I’m not bagging on Chico, It’s a really nice place. Decent midnight Mexican food where they don’t mind if you’ve just had a few beers and a shot of Wild Turkey- and no one at the hotel came out to call the cops when we jumped into the pool in our uniforms the second we got back from the game. If it had been OC we would probably be in a jail cell still. Plus, that Fakin’-Bacon-Veganaise BLT sandwich I bought at the health food store was pretty tasty. No complaints there. It did make me appreciate my hometown though- at least I know where I can find a good karaoke bar on a Saturday night if I need one.

(Thanks NORCAL for hosting NOtown! Derby love!)

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