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This article was written on 03 Apr 2010, and is filled under Honorable Mentions, Too Lazy to Properly Blog.

A Handful of Honorable Mentions

I haven’t slowed down enough lately to write much, but I do want to touch on a handful of things that have been popping up lately.

1. Groupon.
It is everything I love. It feeds the side of me that needs to shop locally. It speaks to my cheapness. It challenges me to try new places so that I can cash in on the deals. Right now you can buy $10 in tasty tea heaven at Teazer’s for only $5. Yeah, I can have all of the Monk’s Blend drinks I can fit in my bladder, guys. This is either awesomely good or a terrible idea, but I’d like to think that its for the greater good.

2. That whole Google Fiber for Fresno thing.
So we may or may not get to be a test market for internet that is faster than Betty Rocker on steroids, but how freakin’ awesome was it seeing the community come together to rally for it? Whatever the outcome, I was pretty proud of our effort.

3. Karaoke
Fresno has some rockin’ karaoke spots. No link here, anything I might find would be terrifyingly incriminating. Where do you go to burst eardrums and take names? Last night I found myself at Lancers on Kings Canyon and Clovis and had a great time climbing on their furniture in the name of a better “Fat Bottom Girls.”

Okay, time to go bake some vareniks and coffee cake, I hope you all have a swell Easter!

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