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This article was written on 20 Mar 2010, and is filled under 31 days of Fresno, day 32, springtime.

Day 32, Week 6-ish- Springtime!

Its Springtime! Everything is fresh, crisp and oh so pretty. The whole world seems to have just been painted, the colors are vivid from the recent rain and starkly contrast with the browns and grays of winter as they begin to peek through. The grape vines have little tiny freckles of green beginning to bud on them, the trees are in full bloom and I can feel it in every part of my body that it is time to change, to make everything I touch as beautiful and as full of promise as the Spring in Fresno.

I love this time of year, if it isn’t completely and glaringly apparent. Even though I’m allergic to everything on Earth- especially to everything Springtime- I look forward to this time of year here in Fresno. The blossoms are just so pretty, and the bees are out pollinating and doing their buzzy thing, which I love even though, you know, I’m not gonna go frolic in the orchards or anything right now while they’re working, that’s a bad business for the allergy-ridden.

The Blossom Trail is gorgeous and a constantly beckoning way to spend an afternoon, and I have to remind myself that I have dishes to do in order to anchor myself down and not drive all of Fresno County looking for flowers all day long.

Being inside is so last season. Those dishes just might need to pile up for another day or two with this weather. These days are meant for enjoying, no window should be left unopened, no meal should be consumed inside. This is a call to everyone to come to this season and abandon last season’s stress, those grays and browns, and be refreshed. Well, I’ve blogged enough for one day. Now its time to turn off the TV, take the kids outside and let them feel the excitement of what is to be- it’s budding and welling up inside of them too, waiting to burst into full color with a little of that famous Fresno sunshine.

(Photo by Barbara Gordon, from the Fresno County Office of Tourism- Blossom Trail website. )

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