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This article was written on 03 Mar 2010, and is filled under 31 Hours of Rogue Festival, Aileen Imperatrice, Charles tenney, Gemma Wilcox, Graceland.

31 Hours of Rogue- Hours 20, 21, 22, 24 and 25

Okay, So I was kind of driving myself crazy with all of these, so I’m gonna finish it up in little chunklets like this to be less anooying. If you liked the hourly posts just use your hand to cover them as you go along and check back hourly, I guess.

Aileen Imperatrice

Aileen gave the idea for the 31 hours of Rogue, she’s all about promoting the arts in Fresno, so I’m going to give her a plug here!


Aileen Imperatrice

Ashtree Studios – 1035 N Fulton Ave

An icon can be many things. All it takes is something or someone we place a value on and how our emotions react to it. This newest art explores the identity and feelings we attach to these things. Follow Aileen at

“Why Did You Do It That Way?” artist discussion forums:

Ashtree Studios

7:00 PM, Friday, March 5
with Adam Wall and Sergio Huerta

7:00 PM, Saturday, March 6
with Adam Wall and Sergio Huerta

7:00 PM, Wednesday, March 10
with Edward Stewart and Adam Wall

7:00 PM, Friday, March 12
with Sergio Huerta and Edward Stewart

Elizabeth Payne, aka Pro Pain on the NoTown Roller Derby Team will be in Graceland, and from the way she gets this super-excited look on her face whenever we talk about it, I can tell it is going to be gooood.

Graceland/Asleep On The Wind

10:00 PM, Fri., 3/5
7:00 PM, Sat., 3/6
7:00 PM, Wed., 3/10
1:00 PM, Sat., 3/13

Million Too – 1153 N Fulton St.

Two one acts. Graceland is about two devout Elvis fans waiting to be the first to get into Graceland. Rivalry turns into comaraderie as the two women reveal the joys and sorrows of their lives. Asleep On The Wind is a sweet story about a young girl and her older brother who is about to go off to war. He leaves her with many things, the love of Elvis being one of them.

MittenKitten Productions
Fresno, California
Genre: Dramedy
Rating: PG-13 adult language 60 minutes
Latecomers permitted within 15 Minutes

Charles Tenney

We crossed paths yesterday at Iron Bird Cafe, and I am excited to share his Rogue act here. What a cool topic, I know a few physics fiends who would be really sorry if they missed this one!

Notes on Physics

7:30 PM, Sat., 3/6
8:45 PM, Wed., 3/10
5:00 PM, Sat., 3/13
Latecomers admitted

Spectrum – 608 E Olive Ave.

Songs about physics. Songs about subjects related to physics. Songs tangentially, even distantly, related to one of the above. All performed on voice and acoustic guitar by someone who is supposed to know about these things.

Charles Tenney
Fresno, California
Genre: Music 45 min. Rated: PG-13

Gemma Wilcox
People come from all over to take part in Rogue, Gemma brings us her show all the way from the UK!

Shadows in Bloom

8:30 PM, Fri., 3/5
7:00 PM, Sun, 3/7
5:30 PM, Fri., 3/12
1:00 PM, Sat., 3/13
8:30 PM, Sat., 3/13

Starline – 831 E Fern Ave.

From the creator of last year’s Rogue Fest sell-out, hit show: The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over.

Best Female Performer –Victoria Fringe 2009 / Best in Fest –Winnipeg Fringe 2008 / Best Solo Performance –Ottawa Fringe 2007 / Best in Fest –Boulder Fringe 2008 / “An incredibly gifted performer” –Felicia Matlosz, Fresno Beehive / “Sexy, sharp & seemless” –Now Toronto / “She shows you what theater can be” –Orlando Sentinel / “Shape-shifter extraordinaire” –Ottawa Citizen

Gemma Wilcox
London, United Kingdom
Genre – Dramedy/Multi-character Solo Performance
Rating: PG-13 60 minutes
Adult Language
Latecomers permitted within 15 Minutes

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