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This article was written on 06 Feb 2010, and is filled under Creative Fresno, day 32, Fresno CA.

Day 32, Week 1. Creative Fresno

I had never been to a Creative Fresno Creative Blender until last month. I don’t know if it was the whole “bringing creative professionals together” thing that threw me off- after all, I’m a lot of things, none of them professional. I just had never thought to check it out.

Of course, now that I have I am in love.

(It happens to me all the time when Fresno is involved, I’m such a Fromantic. Okay. Maybe Fresno and Romantic are two words that weren’t made to be mashed into one superword. Despite that, I still think that it’s Fresnawsome.)

Creative Fresno is great because their whole reason for being is to make Fresno a place that we can be proud of, a place where “smarties” want to be. In addition to the Creative Blenders- which are mixers for these creative folk to make connections and bounce ideas around, held at a variety of locations around the city- CF is behind the Mural Project which brings all of that great public art to Tower and Downtown; Pecha Kucha Night, an evening of presentations made by designers to share their work; the re:FUSE festival, a showcase of Fresno’s musical talent; and the Fresno Filmmakers Forum, bringing those who work in the field together. Basically, Creative Fresno has their hands in lots and lots of projects throughout Fresno’s creative communities.

I like Creative Fresno because they do all of this without being pretentious. Its a laid back crowd who are all just really excited about the possibilities within Fresno. We live in a city on the verge, and CF recognizes this and is pushing it forward in a very real, tangible way.

(Photos taken by me at the February Creative Blender held on 2/5/10 at Twee Boutique.)
P.S. You’ll notice its called “Day 32, Week 1″… That is how I’ll be dealing with these weekly postings from here on out. Its gonna be a whole year of Day 32, because I like it to be a little on the ridiculous side. Then next January we’ll see how things reinvent themselves!

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