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This article was written on 01 Feb 2010, and is filled under 31 days of Fresno, day 32, Fresno CA.

Day 32- The Great Thereafter.

All month I’ve been asked “What happens on day 32?”

I guess an evaluation of the month that just passed. How did this project grow, was it a success? Did I learn anything about Fresno? About myself? Has anything changed over 31 days?

Well, I’m sitting in my GAGAbow and lurking on the Beehive and sipping blueberry tea, so not too much has changed on that front. But beneath the kanekalon hair and tasty tea breath I think there have been some pretty big changes.

On the Love for Fresno front, I started it because I defend my lady’s honor when I can,and Fresno is a lady, but after really picking Fresno apart and getting into the meat of why I came back here after living somewhere “cool”, it really intensified my devotion to seeing things through with this city and helping to make it a great place to stay. Talk about the mother of run on sentences. Yeesh!

I found a lot of like-minded people who are pretty passionate about Fresno, and I learned some really cool tidbits I didn’t know before the 31 Days started- William Saroyan co-wrote Come On A My House? What?! How did I not know this?

I drove around town with more purpose- meaning I was scouring the businesses and buildings wondering how many of these places I’ve never been would have made it on my list had I known about them. Sounds like a challenge to me. A dare, even.

Aside from the Fresnobsession, it felt really great to write with a purpose every night. Granted, some nights I was pretty tired and would rather gnaw my arms off than have to figure out how to eloquently (or at least coherently) put my thoughts down. Overall, though, it was a wake up call to the excuse I’ve given myself for years for not writing more- I don’t have time to do it. Hopefully I can keep that in mind and make some more time for what used to be my favorite pastime. I definitely know I’ll be writing on this 31 days blog at least once a week. You can’t keep Fresno in the confines of a month!

I’m really amazed at the response to the blog, and I want to thank everyone who is reading this for being so supportive.

I hope that I can keep up the same spirit of Fresno Adventure throughout the whole year, and I’d love if you could all direct me to some place I’d left off of my list. Number one best thing about Fresno? There is an endless supply of things to do, people to see, places to go. Send me there!

Now… time to go crochet for a few days straight- I didn’t get to craft at all last month I was so Fresno-Focused!


  1. mikeoz
    February 1, 2010

    Fresnobsession? I think that's a Fresnificent new word.

    Again, well done on all this.

  2. Kim Burly
    February 1, 2010

    Thanks Mike! I think that we need to get a whole Frestionary together. Never mind, that is a terrible idea.

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