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This article was written on 31 Jan 2010, and is filled under 31 days of Fresno, Fresno CA, People.

Day 31- Fresno is full of people who actively work to make it a better place.

As evidenced by how many people stepped up to the 31 Days of Fresno challenge, read along, commented and talked about it, Fresno has some amazing people living here who want things to be great. We are not a stagnant community, we’re not interested in standing still, we’re always looking for ways to breathe even more life into this place. Fresno is an easy place to make a difference because we do have that “Small Town Feel”, anyone who wants to try something just needs to put the effort and heart into it and usually Fresno will show up. We have Pecha Kucha Night, Poetry Jams, and now kickball, all of these things because people took a chance on an idea to bring something new to Fresno. I love it.

I’ve heard its used as an insult that Fresno turns out in mass for new restaurant opening or new places, but how is that bad? We’re curious, we see the shiny and have to check it out- it beats being wary of new things and never going, causing all new ideas and places to fail immediately. Or worse- no one trying new things at all.

We’re in this city together, and ultimately the place you live is only as great as you make it. I’m glad that so many Fresnans* are up for the challenge.

Watch this video Ryne and I made to sum up our 31 days and explain how 31 Days of Fresno is going to continue on through the rest of the year. A hint- it’ll take some participation on your part to make it work…

*What, a girl can’t link to her friends?

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  1. Aurore
    January 31, 2010

    I love you guys.

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