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This article was written on 26 Jan 2010, and is filled under Uncategorized.

Day 26- Fresno is a great place to raise kids

I’ve said it before, but let me echo that I am so happy to be bringing my children up in Fresno. There are a lot of kid friendly programs and places and a whole lot of support for moms.

I’m fairly new to the mommy scene here (Almost 3 years) but I’ve been impressed with all of the things my toddler could be doing on any given day. There are toddler soccer classes, play groups, dance classes, and much more that I haven’t even unearthed yet.

There are some great parks and trails in Fresno and the Fresno area. We go to to the park at Clinton and Brawley all the time because it has great play equipment and is covered, plus it’s close. When I’m more motivated to buckle the kids up and go for a drive out to Clovis, I love taking the kids out on the Clovis trails, which have a bazillion parks dotting the way.

And of course, the zoo membership has kept me sane and my kids busy for the last year and I look forward to many more years of membership.

Also cool is Central Valley Moms. Part blog, part forum, part AWESOME, CV Moms is a way for moms in the valley to connect, share and get through this adventure called parenthood together.

Like I said, I’m relatively new to the parenting scene in Fresno, so what do you like to do with your kids? Where do you find support?

(Image of my son Cary playing at a park in Clovis off of the trail. Taken by the paparazzi.)