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This article was written on 24 Jan 2010, and is filled under 31 days of Fresno, Fresno CA, Luftenburg's.

Day 24- Luftenburg’s Bridal

I just got home from the wedding of two wonderful people, so I decided to dedicate day 24 to newlyweds Shelby and Doug MacNab and make the theme of the day a bridal one.

Luftenburg’s is a triple threat, made of win on every front. It’s in the Fulton Mall. It has been in business for 67 years (as evidenced by the kick ass signage). It’s locally owned and not part of a chain. I love it because its such a staple of the Fresno wedding experience and it has been that way for so many brides throughout the years.

I found my dress there*, I told them what I wanted and somehow they pulled the image I made up in my fantasy world out into reality for me. No, really, I think they have a Kim’s Fantasy World Portal there. It wasn’t even out on the racks, they said it had “Just come in”… yeah, a likely story.

My mom and I made every trip down there an adventure and we’d sample all of the restaurants and stop in at the shops along Kern, it really made the experience unique and special and very, very Fresno.

My sister will be getting married in October and after hitting up all of the shops in town, she found the perfect dress there, as well as great service. I’m hoping she decides that she wants to get the bridesmaids dresses there too just so I have more excuses to go in.

I worry that people might be hesitant to shop there, its not all ritzy glamor like many of the other shops in town are. I can say that the times I’ve gone in I’ve had such a positive experience with the staff and they way they worked with me that I recommend it to everyone to at least go and check out while hunting for the perfect gown. If nothing else, it’ll get you downtown and give you the ideal opportunity to stop a few blocks away at Cosmopolitan afterward for a tasty sandwich. Mmm, or hit up the farmers market. Ooooh, or drop in down the street at Teazer. Lets face it, Luftenburgs is just a great bridal shopping destination that gives you all kinds of excuses to get your grub on.

And really, isn’t that what life is all about; trying on pretty things and then chowing down, while basking in the glory of supporting mom and pop businesses?

(Photo pilfered from The Luftenburg’s website)
*Okay, so maybe that marriage didn’t last, but that dress was A-MAZING. And I’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of it, and always looking for more chances to put it on. Seriously. It has a hoop skirt and everything, I feel like Little Bo Peep. And you know, the other good thing about the location is that its right by the county clerk’s office, so you’re probably gonna end up downtown ANYWAY, might as well shop there, too.


  1. edluv
    January 24, 2010

    my wife got her dress @ luftenburg's as well. really great service, very helpful.

  2. Desired Dominique
    May 16, 2011

    awh, i just started working there and your post is right on. lol
    love the place my family had gone there for years and now my self is working there and got my own stuff there for my wedding recently. your right it is very much a Fresno known lad mark these days.

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