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This article was written on 23 Jan 2010, and is filled under 31 days of Fresno, Central Unified School District, Fresno CA.

Day 23- Central Unified School District

I wouldn’t feel right ending 31 days of Fresno without putting Central Unified School District in there somewhere. (I can hear my husband groaning already. Clovis, what can you do?) As a Central High School Alum*, I’m pretty proud of the little district that could.

I’m not the only one in my family though that went to Central- my mom was a Grizzly, as were my grandparents (Sweethearts!). Right now we’re living so close to Madison Elementary, where my Grandma was a student, and then my mom and aunt were students. I am so excited for my kids to start kindergarten and be 4th generation Central kids.

I also experienced Central from a different perspective, I worked for a few years as an aide with the After School Program at Madison. I loved it even more when I saw behind the scenes and got to know the teachers and administration. Fate and a lot of chaperoned field trips has made my dad close friends with most of the science department at Central West, and I’ve been able to see how much heart they all put into their jobs as teachers.

I remember as student the teachers who went that extra step, and they’re still some of my favorite people. Heck, even the teachers who I didn’t like were probably great in retrospect, they just taught crappy subjects. Not their fault that they were good at math and made a career out of it.

I know this is probably pretty universal, though. There are a lot of great things to be said for Fresno Unified, and I’ll even cave just this once and admit that my husband‘s alma mater Buchanan, and Clovis Unified are pretty great too. We have educators who work with shrinking budgets and dwindling paychecks and yet still bring their love of learning and passion for what they do with them every day into their classrooms.

Karen Marguth posted this**, and even though it is about Fresno Unified, I think it really speaks to all of Fresno; “Working as a teacher in the Fresno area means that you are helping to make a difference where it’s really needed. You are a part of something important, at a time and in a place where so many lives can be improved.”

So, to the educators and administrators of Central Unified and beyond, I applaud you. You’re doing a great job.

(Image from Central Unified School District’s website.)
*Yes, that is from my sophomore yearbook. Yes those are pull tabs from soda cans in my braids. No, I do not regret the Payless knock off Doc Marten wannabe boots with sparkly nail polish over the black fakey leather and the “Goddess” laces. The Zac Hanson braids may have been a bit much, though.
**January 2nd in the comments on my blog for the day.
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