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This article was written on 16 Jan 2010, and is filled under 31 days of Fresno, Fresno CA, Huntington Boulevard.

Day 16- Huntington Boulevard

Today is devoted to the second street in my 31 days- Huntington Boulevard.

Huntington is a beautiful, well loved and cared for neighborhood that is on the cusp of downtown and it is a beaming example of what taking care of our beautiful historic places can be.

I chose Huntington because I spent a year living in the condos at the end of the boulevard at R street. I loved walking it, with its full trees and homes full of character. I loved skating it when we were just starting to form a roller derby team and I had to prove to myself I still could stand up. I loved syaing hi to people as I went by, and there being an abundance of people to say hi to. Huntington is a very busy walkway, and its easy to see why.

As a kid we would always check out the lights along Huntington instead of Christmas Tree Lane because it was geographically closer to our house and we could walk it on any night we chose. I can still see my favorite displays even now years later in my mind.

A quick Google search turned up the Historic Huntington Boulevard website, which has a detailed history on the street, and it even gives a virtual tour of the neighborhood homes. Its wonderful to see a neighborhood that takes such pride in where they are and where they came from.

(Photo from the Historic Huntington website)

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